The Working Boom Beach Hack

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Incredible Features

Regular Updates

Constant updates ensure this hack is up to date with the latest versions of Boom Beach servers. Plus, new features are added all the time to keep you ahead of the game. We take pride in our work, and it shows in the high-quality updates we release on a regular basis.

Easy to Use

Boom Beach Mania offers the most user-friendly Boom Beach cheats on the market. Set it and forget it as you start racking up wins. We guarantee you won’t find anything easier!

Free forever

After countless hours of deciding how we should release the hack. We eventually came up with a solution that will make it free to use forever. This is because we have added a human verification step which will prevent any spam bots from using our service.


The Boom Beach hack will only complete your hack if you are guaranteed not to be detected by the game. This guarantees that your progress is safe and you’ll never lose your account. If you’ve been waiting to try a hack for fear of getting caught, rejoice, because our work is undetectable.

Browser based

The Boom Beach Mania hack works right from your web browser. No downloads required for this cheat! Our browser-based hack makes it that much easier to boost your game skills without any risk to you.

Fast Algorithm

We have spent countless hours developing a fast and efficient algorithm that can be used to process our hack. We use a JSON API to communcate without servers and the kernel of the hack. This is very web frienly and blazingly fast.

Boom Beach Mania

What is Boom Beach Mania?

A Boom Beach Hack is a way for you to finally get the resources and tools you need to start kicking some real ass!

We all know that Boom Beach will get to a certain point where you can longer do anything without either waiting for resources to build up – or purchase them using real money. No one wants to spend their own money, so why not try another option such as a Boom Beach hack tool? Or even a Boom Beach APK.

Boom Beach Cheats

With a Boom Beach cheat, you can finally start playing the game at the fast pace you want. No more waiting for hours until you can attack one base, then have to wait some more.

With this cheat, you can get unlimited resources such as gold, wood, stone and iron. You can even refill those precious diamonds whenever you choose. Be a powerhouse with an abundance of resources!

Will I get banned using a Boom Beach cheat?

Boom Beach Mania is the only cheat for Boom Beach that works like it should. There are features that will prevent you from ever being caught using a cheat, or a Boom Beach hack. Other sites may give you the cheats, but they can’t stop you from getting banned.

Boom Beach Mania updates their hack regularly to ensure that the cheats are always one step ahead of the program. The anti-detection feature is another redundancy used so that you are never banned from playing Boom Beach.

Boom Beach Mania Cheats and hacks work on both iOS and Android devices. It’s also been designed to be the easiest cheat to use. Just type in how much wood, stone, or other resource you want. Next thing you know, your base is rich in resources.


Mary Decker

I grew tired of waiting for hours to earn more resources. But after using this cheat, I can play for hours instead of waiting. Boom Beach Mania made the game infinitely more fun for a player like me.

Bruce Dickens

I was hesitant to use this cheat at first for fear of getting caught. But once I used it, I have never looked back. Nor have I ever been caught. The sneaky devs behind this hack seem to always be one step ahead.

Oliver Anderson

I’ll admit it, I’m not very good at Boom Beach. But once I found this hack—the only one so far that’s actually worked—my friends all think I’m a beast. Our little secret, eh?